Energy Projects

Ravetto Associés has significant experience in assisting operators with all the legal aspects of their plans to build, develop and operate new energy production facilities, based on renewable energy sources, fossil-fuels (combined cycle power plants) or nuclear energy (mining, conversion, and enrichment of natural uranium, creating nuclear fuel, operation of a nuclear power plant, management of radioactive waste, dismantling of nuclear plants), and heat production and distribution networks.


Ravetto Associés has advised on the following matters:
- Implementation of a partnership between the various parties, when needed.
- Securing land tenure (promise to lease / sale, acquisition of land from local authorities by obtaining a Declaration of Public Utility, when needed and appropriate).
- Permitting: assistance in acquiring the proper authorizations and permits for producing energy, construction permits, and environmental permits.
- Contracts related to the construction and operation of the facility: turnkey contracts, delegated project management agreements, construction agreements, operation and maintenance agreements, contracts for connection and access to the network, and sales agreements.
- Creating and follow-up on project companies: drafting statutes and shareholders’ agreements when needed.


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