Energy Financing

Our firm advises corporations in the energy industry (developers, builders, operators), as well as investors and banks, in the following areas:

  • Structuring energy-related projectsto ensure their “bankability”(securing authorizations clear of third-party claims, securing land tenure, connection to the grid, negotiating satisfactory project agreements, securing project revenue within the framework of an agreement to purchase or sell energy on the market);
  • Equity financing of energy projects:increase in capital, shareholder’s loans, intra-group loans or B2B loans;
  • Debt financing on the bond market;
  • Project financing:drafting of project audits, drafting and/or review of financing documents (financing agreement, intercreditor agreement, security documents), negotiation and handling of the closing. Our firm also has expertise in project financing arrangements that includes refinancing by the KreditanstaltfürWiederaufbau (KfW)’s programs for the financing of renewable energy sources;
  • Crowdfunding:setting up financing arrangements (equity or debt) that allow citizens (via crowdfunding platforms) and local authorities to invest in projects that generate electricity from renewable energy sources.