Participation of Paul Ravetto to a CoRDiS conference

Settling disputes, regulating differently”

On 27 March 2024, partner Paul Ravetto will be taking part in a conference organised by the Comité de Règlement des Différends et Sanctions (CoRDiS). The theme of the conference is: “Settling disputes, regulating differently” .(Régler les différends, réguler différemment)

CoRDiS is a regulatory body reporting to the French Energy Regulatory Commission. Its remit is to settle disputes concerning access to and use of the public electricity and gas networks. This body is empowered to sanction breaches of the Energy Code.

A sector-specific expertise in litigation

Paul Ravetto is the founding partner of the firm. He advises on cases involving the implementation of European and national regulations relating to the liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets.

In particular, he advises producers, suppliers and industrial customers on their energy purchase and sale contracts, as well as on network access issues. Its activities also include litigation. This includes settling disputes before the CoRDiS.