Energy Contracts

Ravetto Associés is a law firm specialized in the electricity, natural gas, and heating industries, and participates in various stages of a wide range of energy-related contracts.

Our activity comprises the following areas:

Identifying the appropriate contractual framework with the landowner or local government in order to develop electric production or heating infrastructures: long term lease, building lease, domain concession, etc. Within the framework of a contract entered into by local authorities, this also concerns the identification of applicable tendering procedures that the authorities must follow in order to designate an operator;

Support during the pre-contractual period. Implementation of joint-buying organisations for public or private parties. Application of tendering procedures for selecting a provider or operator of electricity production facilities. Assistance in relations with the public transmission system operator for the conclusion of connection or network access contracts;

Negotiating and drafting contracts: variable-term energy supply contracts (electricity, natural gas, steam) between producers or suppliers and another supplier or end-user; related contracts (tolling, drawing rights); Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Contracts (EPC); operations contracts (O&M, asset management); contracts on energy attributes or externalities (ESC, capacity guarantees, etc.).

Interpreting contracts: our firm helps in the execution of potentially litigious contractual clauses by providing the client with arguments that they can use in order to help their point of view prevail in a dispute with a contractual partner, and provides advice on discussions with the latter.