Energy Regulation

Ravetto Associés is specialised in the area of liberalization of energy markets, a process that began in France with legislation enacted on 10 February 2000 (Act n° 2000-108). Our firm possesses thorough expertise in the applicable European and French legal and regulatory frameworks. Paul Ravetto has kept abreast of all the of the major legislative changes that have structured French energy law and has helped his clients navigate them. His precise knowledge of the energy industry comes from his relationships with major industry and government players and enables the firm to actively defend its clients’ interests.

Before laws and regulations are enacted, Ravetto Associés actively lobbies government agencies, Cabinet Members, and Parliament, using legal arguments to support its clients’ interests, and makes proposals for new legislation or amendments to existing legislation.

Our firm recently assisted representatives of a number of electricity production firms on the issue of their obligation to purchase energy produced by third parties. We have also helped create alternative energy suppliers’ associations, which we continue to assist in their daily operations.

Following the enactment of new rules and legislation, Ravetto Associés provides consultations on the interpretation or applicability of the current legal framework to a particular situation. We can defend our analyses before the government or other partners (transmission system operators, purchasers, suppliers) in order to ensure that they are implemented.

Our firm also assists operators in acquiring or maintaining their authorization to produce or supply energy: we compile and submit declarations and applications for requesting ministerial authorisations to supply electricity or natural gas; we also handle requests or authorisations to use energy created by waterways within the framework of the Act of 16 October 1919.

We negotiate out-of-court settlements with government authorities, and handle litigation before administrative courts.