Cécile Rouget

Cecile Rouget

Cécile Rouget is specialized in public procurement contracts, and also has experience in counseling electricity and gas authorities on energy distribution network management.

Additionally, she has experience in the fields of environmental law and urban planning law, which she gained while working in the legal affairs department of the French Ministry of Environment.

Cécile Rouget works on matters concerning the construction and operation of renewable-energy heating networks and power generation facilities, as well as on issues of network access.

She also provides assistance and counsel to public and private parties in the scope of public projects in various sectors.

Cécile Rouget holds a Master’s degree in Public Business Law from the University of Lyon 3, and is a graduate of the French Institute of Public Business Law (IDPA). She joined Ravetto Associés in 2013.

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