Procurements and public law

Patrick Labayle-Pabet is in charge of our procurement and public law practice. We advise French national public entities, regional public entities, as well as French and foreign private operators.


Our work is more specifically focussed on public procurement law and public domain law, which include public contracts, delegations of public services, partnership contracts, and long-term lease agreements on the public domain, with or without property rights.


Our practice provides a number of different services, such as:

  • - Assistance on the choice of the best-suited contractual framework for the carrying out of public procurements.
  • - Advice relating to private funding for public procurements.
  • - Assistance to government authorities or to tenderers in relation with tender offers.
  • - Audit of companies providing services to public entities, including their legal documentation.
  • - Assistance in follow-up and execution of public procurements (penalties, termination, financial performance).
  • - Pre-litigation and litigation related to contractual negotiations (both summary and ordinary proceedings) and specific performance.


Our areas of expertise comprise energy-related projects (energy purchase, distribution concessions, public delegations for the production and distribution of heat, projects related to renewable energy, energy performance), waste management, water treatment, and public transportation projects, as well as construction and environmental projects.