Contracts - Selection of 10 references in 2017-2018




  • Drafted the general conditions of sale for the types of clients targeted and negotiated the upstream energy and gas supply contracts for a major tertiary-sector group as part of the establishment of an affiliate for the supply of energy.

  • Drafted contract templates for the valuation of electricity production and load management capacities on industrial, tertiary, and retail sites in preparation for a submission to a call for tenders for RTE’s Rapid Reserves (RR) and Complementary Reserves (RC) and the submission of an offer for the adjustment mechanism for an affiliate of a major energy group.

  • Analysed contracts sent by suppliers for the supply of electricity in response to a consultation on two sites representing approximately 150 GWh of annual electricity consumption for an energy-intensive consumer.

  • Assisted in the drafting and negotiation of a contract for the total delegation of energy conservation obligations for a European energy supplier.

  • Assisted in the drafting and implementation of electricity supply contracts for a collective representing over 1.000 delivery points.

  • Assisted an operator of solar-electricity generation facilities in the drafting and negotiation of a contract for the maintenance and warranty of solar inverters with the manufacturer.

  • Assisted in the drafting and negotiation of a new contract for the concession of distribution of electricity and supply at regulated rates for an authority charged with organizing electricity distribution for the metropolitan area.

  • Analysed the risk of a forward sale agreement being requalified as a financial agreement and drafted clauses modifying the agreement that would attenuate the risk of such requalification for a European energy supplier.




  • Reviewed and adapted all contracts entered into by a a supplier of electricity and natural gas following the sale of 50% of its share capital and various changes in its operating structure (balance responsible perimeter, shipper, etc.).

  • Drafted and negotiated an emphyteutic lease promise agreement with an industrial consumer prior to the installation of solar panels mounted on the roof and on parking awnings for a solar energy operator.