Regulatory - Selection of references in 2017-2018




  • Analysed the implementation of the ARENH (regulated access to historical nuclear energy) ceiling and its articulation with relevant subscription windows and delivery periods for a European energy supplier.

  • Analysed the specificities of the guarantee of origins scheme relative to the identification of the origin of renewable-sourced electricity and to the information supplied to clients for a major energy player.

  • Analysed the applicability and the implementation of IEG status (Electricity and Natural Gas Industries) to various functions related to energy production and supply for a European energy and natural gas operator.

  • Analysed the role an energy operator might play on a tertiary site as part of an individual or collective self-supply operation for an energy operator.

  • Analysed the feasibility and implementation of various self-supply scenarios from a regulatory, contractual, and fiscal perspective for a facility management operator. 

  • Analysed legal arguments that could be used to counter the government’s scheme obliging producers of renewable-source energy to declare their costs and revenue for a federation of producers of renewable-sourced electricity.

  • Provided legal assistance in an audit performed by the government on operations granting the right to issue energy economy certificates (CEE) for a CEE operator.

  • Analysed the constructability of several planned solar energy production facilities under the Loi Littoral (coastline law) for a production affiliate of a major energy player. 

  • Analysed legal ways and means to challenge the rejection of a number of projects submitted as part of a call for projects for a solar energy developer and producer.

  • Analysis of contractual and financial relations between a producer of biogas, the supplier, and the client for a natural gas operator.

  • Analysis of the legal validity of a solution devised by the administration to restore continuous pisciculture around a hydroelectric dam built on a class-2 waterway for a producer of hydraulic energy.

  • Analysis of the possibility of serving new towns from an existing concession for a local distribution company (ELD).

  • Analysis of the legal feasibility­­­ and the conditions for implementing various scenarios of direct or indirect marketing of solar energy to end consumers for a solar electricity operator. 

  • Accompanied end-users with own cogeneration facility in discussions with the customs administration regarding the applicability of the TICGN (Domestic natural gas consumption tax) to a site including a facility consuming electricity and a facility producing electricity.

  • Accompanied an industrial consumer in preparing a submission to a call for projects for the construction and operation of biomass electricity production facilities (legal and contractual montage of the project).

  • Analysis of the validity of the procedure used by the administration to evaluate an application for the environmental authorization of a wind farm and of the extra information and studies requested by the government following the initial application for a wind energy producer.




  • Analysed the right to be compensated for time and effort spent on behalf of managers of public electricity and natural gas distribution networks under the framework of GRD-F (electricity) and CAD (natural gas) contracts for a European energy supplier.

  • Analysis of the possibilities of prolonging and renewing authorizations to occupy public waterways for an operator of hydroelectric facilities.